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Matthew has earned the following degrees:

  1. BA in Sociology and Political Science
  2. Juris Doctorate (law degree)
  3. Masters degree in Criminal Justice
  4. Masters degree in Sociology
  5. PhD (doctorate) in Sociology

Dr. Matthew J. Greife

Matthew's legal career began by working for Madison Harbor - APLC in Irvine, CA and The Law Offices of Victor W. Luke in Newport Beach, CA. Matthew began practicing law as a solo practitioner when he moved back to Denver in 2010 and has continued to defend those being prosecuted for DUIs, DWAIs, Theft, Fraud, Assault, Domestic Violence and Drug crimes or helping with the filing of a chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy while earning his masters degrees and PhD.  Not only is Matthew an accomplished attorney, he has published articles in peer-reviewed academic journals and continues to write and publish on matters regarding the death penalty and the punishment of corporations that violate environmental laws. 


Matthew Greife moved to Colorado in 2004 after being given a medical discharge from the Marine Corps and earned a double majored in Sociology and Political Science from Colorado State University. After graduation Matthew attended law school in Southern California and passed the bar on his first attempt.  After leaving California Matthew returned to Denver and passed the Colorado bar on his first attempt and began working as a solo-practitioner specializing in criminal defense and bankruptcy litigation.  While practicing law Matthew earned a master's degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Colorado at Denver and with significant urging from his professors Matthew went on to earn a PhD in sociology.

Matthew has returned to Colorado and now teaches courses in law and crime for the sociology department at Colorado State University - the very place his education began.  Along with teaching and researching, Matthew practices law in the Denver metro area and along the northern front range of Colorado.  While an avid lover of the mountains and all things Colorado Matthew enjoys the ocean and surfing so much he recently opened an office in Irvine, CA so he can continue to work in California with the added bonus of finding an excuse to surf in the early mornings.  

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Bar Admissions

• Colorado & California

Activities & Affiliations

• California and Colorado bar associations, Member
• American Society of Criminology, Member-at-Large


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