Dr. Matthew J. Greife is a Criminal Defense, DUI, DWAI, DWH & Bankruptcy Attorney in Denver, CO

Criminal Defense, DUI, DWAI, Driving while High & Bankruptcy in Denver, CO 



Are you being prosecuted or considering bankruptcy?

Headquartered in Denver, CO with satellite offices in Fort Collins, CO and Irvine, CA, The Law Offices of Matthew J. Greife represents individuals, their families and small businesses when they are facing criminal prosecution for crimes such as DUI, DWAI, DWH, Theft, Assault, Fraud, Drug possession with intent to sell, Domestic violence, and Homicide or considering the filing of a bankruptcy.  

Dr. Matthew Greife has been defending those being prosecuted by the state or facing bankruptcy for 10 years.  Matthew works with everybody he represents personally and fully explains the legal process to you.  The legal process is complicated - you need an attorney that works with you personally and will not pass you off to an associate.  

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Areas of Practice

Criminal defense

Matthew is not just a criminal defense attorney but has earned a doctorate and is a professor of crime and law at Colorado State University. If you are facing felony or misdemeanor, Matthew not only brings his years of experience as a defense lawyer to your aid but philosophical and sociological arguments backed up by empirical data to bolster your defense. This two pronged style of defense is unique because Matthew is one of only a few lawyers around the country that also holds a doctorate degree. Judges and prosecutors have come to respect his litigation style which leads to successful outcomes for his clients and invitations to lecture on developments and interpretations to changes in Colorado and California's criminal laws.  


A little known fact is that the Bible speaks favorably of bankruptcy laws - just read Luke 7:42 and Deuteronomy 15: 1-2; 12-14!  Bankruptcy is there to protect you and in this era when cost of living goes up and wages stay stagnant there may be no other good alternative to pay your debts.  Creditors will often times bring law suits in order to garnish wages or even foreclose on the house you worked so hard to get.  If you find yourself in debt with no way to get out do not be afraid to explore bankruptcy - it may be just the right option to give you a well deserved fresh start.

civil litigation

Matthew's skills as a criminal defense attorney have helped him litigate cases in civil court and win for his clients. As a 2nd year law student Matthew won a real estate fraud claim for his client with a dollar amount totaling over $100,000. Recently, Matthew successfully sued individuals writing intentionally false and defamatory reviews of a flooring company in Orange County, CA on Yelp.com - all defendants were forced to take their reviews down!  Matthew also recently won a case for a woman sued by a credit card company for over $50,000 because his deep and in depth investigation proved his client was never even served with a lawsuit (often called 'gutter service').  The credit card company was forced to pay back all the money they wrongfully garnished and reimburse her for attorneys fees.


Justice is love calculated.
— Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


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